Kids Products Buying Guides

Girls Jeans Buying Guide

The quest for the perfect jeans begins in early childhood for girls and continues throughout a woman’s life. Just as a young or teenage girl has worn in her jeans just so, the tiniest hole appears on the knee or a growth spurt squeezes her out of them, and poof! The quest continues. It’s a delicate balance, finding the right rise, wash, cut and length. She’s declaring her jean personality to the world.

Boys Sneakers Buying Guide

A boy’s sneakers will cover on average 600 miles over the course of its wear. That’s too many miles to spend in the wrong shoes. Fortunately, plenty of sneakers exist that will fit your budget, your boy’s style, and, of course, his feet. If you follow a few guidelines to ensure a proper fit, everyone will walk away happy.

Boys Winter Jacket Buying Guide

Whether your boy is a scout or not, the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared!” are words to live by, especially when winter rolls around. So, don’t let your boy head out into a cold, rainy or snowy day without the right outerwear. Keep in mind fit, form and function as you and your son shop for the perfect winter coat.

Kids Bed Buying Guide

Just as kids grow out of clothes and shoes and toys, they also grow out of their beds. Getting the right bed—at the right time—can mean the difference between a full night’s sleep (for you and your child) and teary bedtime negotiations. Assess your family’s needs and your child’s personality to figure out which bed size, type and style will work best in your home.

Kids’ Desk Buying Guide

They might not get paid for it, but kids work hard—at learning to write, coloring pictures for you, and filling out applications to schools and colleges. So, put as much thought into buying a desk for them as you would for yourself. Style, size and use will change over the years, but it is possible to find a desk that functions as well at 8 as at 18.