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How To Swaddle A Baby

Toward the end of 40 weeks in utero, there isn’t much wiggle room for a soon-to-be-born baby. Which is why many professionals believe swaddling comforts a baby, making it feels like it’s still inside the womb. Swaddling is the primary method for helping a baby get to sleep, duplicating a cozy environment and eliminating the baby startling himself.

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Traveling and Potty Training This Summer

The Potette travel potty is second on the essentials list. If you’re at the beach, the pool, the park, it’s wise to carry this portable, compact potty. Because sometimes the restrooms are just too far. Place a self absorbing disposable liner, prop up the legs and the On the Go Potty is ready to go. When baby is done, wrap up and throw away the liner, fold in the legs and store the potty into the carry bag.

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Save Your Stroller With A Fabric Stroller Liner

Here’s a cautionary tale: I started using our lightweight umbrella stroller when my daughter was around seven months old. We chose a Maclaren Volo, the lightest stroller offered at the time. I took it everywhere: the zoo, the mall, the subway, the bus, the playground, the park. You get the idea. I’m also not the tidiest or organized person in the world, so oftentimes I could stash wrappers, toys, uneaten toddler snacks et al. in the folded hood.

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If the Kids’ Furniture Fairy Visited Me, I Would Ask For Ecotots

What’s not to love about earth-friendly line Ecotot? Every piece, from beds to art easels to play tables, are constructed of formaldehyde-free, FSC Certified, environmentally-friendly real wood and featuring our durable, 100pct non-toxic water-based finish. Plus, they all have a patented, no tools assembly method.

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Guidecraft for the Best Book and Toy Storage

There are the kinds of toys that can be tossed in a bin, stacked in a corner. Stuffed animals, Magnadoodles, puppets: It’s these types of things that are a little more flexible in storage a clean-up department. Then there are the books, games, and puzzles that need shelving or bookcases.

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Toddler Bike Seats Mean Fun for Everyone

I’ve recently become obsessed with getting a bike and taking my 2-year-old all over town. It seems like such freedom compared to a stroller or the confines of public transportation, and I am absolutely confident that she would have a blast wheeling around the city. First, I found a nice little three-speed cruiser. Next up: a seat for my girl.

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The Quinny Buzz Stroller Goes Fashionable with New “Greystone”

Quinny Buzz Stroller has dialed it up with new Greystone and Raccoon models. Wondering what the heck we’re talking about? Why, the new color options for the Quinny Buzz 3 stroller. The European company has been known for a selective color palette (we had the Quinny in “Juice,” a punchy orange and red combo), and they’ve recently introduced Greystone–a lovely purplish gray–and Raccoon, a deep chocolatey-taupe.

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Adorable Infant Outfits Now 60% Off!

I’m a little apprehensive to divulge one of my favorite online shopping sites for kids’ clothing. I have scored loads of good deals, and the selection is fantastic. But, because I want you share in the shopping glory, I’ll share: I know. I’m not even sure where the physical stores are located (maybe the Midwest?), or how I stumbled upon the site, but they offer lots of good, sturdy, play-hard brands like Carter’s and Oshkosh–which are both oddly difficult to find in New York City. And as usual Boscovs is having a sweet sale.

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Clip-on Bug Repellent from Off!

Here’s something awful about my neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York: It’s a mosquito trap in the summer. They are everywhere. You’d think an urban area wouldn’t have to worry, but I get mosquito-repellent crazy as soon as it gets warm. I’m constantly checking the screens and leaving hall lights on to keep them out (or away from us if they do somehow get in). I was even as the point of applying natural bug repellent on my toddler daughter. Then, the bug-repellent gods smiled upon me. They brought me the Off! Clip-On Mosquito Repellant.

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A Summer Essential: The Lightweight Hoodie

All hail the boys hoodie! It’s an ideal extra layer when headed to school or camp on a crisp morning or when night falls. It’s packable, and if you choose correctly, coordinates with most everything in their wardrobe. Boden tops our list for quality options. We know they’ll stand up to the abuse an elementary school kid (or worse: a middle schooler!) can put on their clothes, all the while looking fabulously lived in (which might be the reason the kids love them, too).