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Toddler Bike Seats Mean Fun for Everyone

I’ve recently become obsessed with getting a bike and taking my 2-year-old all over town. It seems like such freedom compared to a stroller or the confines of public transportation, and I am absolutely confident that she would have a blast wheeling around the city. First, I found a nice little three-speed cruiser. Next up: a seat for my girl.

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Be Mom Hero of the Day: Make Your Own Popsicles

The quickest way to becoming the favorite mom in the neighborhood? One word: Popsicles. Every kid loves them. And if you’re a culinary master (or experimenter), why not try making your own this summer? I personally have attempted and succeeded at some fab strawberry slushy popsicles. And “kitchen underachiever” is an understatement, so if I can do it, so can you. Step 1: pick up some fun popsicle molds.

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An Eco-Friendly, Back-Friendly Baby Carrier

Infant carriers have come under fire recently, and it’s with great caution that we sing any carriers praises.But we’re loving the brand-new Tour Guide Carrier. At first, we thought it was a new brand on the market, but it’s very discreetly made by Petunia Pickle Bottom.

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Footwear: Where Boys Show Off Their Style

Girls have limitless clothing and accessory options to show off their style sense. Boys, on the other hand, are rather limited. (Showing off too much style just might get you called a girl.) Fortunately, sneakers are the one area boys can show off. We’re partial to Adidas kids footwear, with its eye-popping colors.

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Messenger-Style Diaper Bags Might Just Save Your Sanity

A messenger-style, across-the-chest diaper bag means there’s two fewer annoying straps to slip off of your shoulder at the park, on the bus, in the parking lot, etc. That’s why, when it comes to a diaper bag, we vote for a cross-body version. Because it stays where it’s supposed to. (And these prices are really [...]

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Diaper Bags for Dads

Let’s be honest: No matter how secure he is in his masculinity, no dad wants to be hauling a floral tote. So why not find a bag just for him? Dad diaper bags look much like messenger bags, but have a gazillion pockets and holsters for outing essentials.

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