Traveling and Potty Training This Summer

I’m proud to announce that we have an almost completely potty trained child. We started a little later than my daughter’s toddler peers, but as a result it was much smoother and quicker. At first, it was even easy. That was when we were in the house. Taking that first step and leaving your place without a diaper on–or in your possession–can be a scary prospect. And we’re talking about just heading to grocery store. What about roadtrips? Good thing there are a few failsafe essentials to ease the potty training stress (possibly more for you than them).

The PiddlePad protects car seats and strollers from accidents. A soft, absorbent velboa fabric  is topped with a waterproof outer layer prevents leaks and contain liquids. Up to a cup of said liquid, actually. That’s heavy-duty.

The Potette travel potty is second on the essentials list. If you’re at the beach, the pool, the park, it’s wise to carry this portable, compact potty. Because sometimes the restrooms are just too far. Place a self absorbing disposable liner, prop up the legs and the On the Go Potty is ready to go. When baby is done, wrap up and throw away the liner, fold in the legs and store the potty into the carry bag.

Voila: Summer fun awaits–even within potty training confines.

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