Save Your Stroller With A Fabric Stroller Liner

Here’s a cautionary tale: I started using our lightweight umbrella stroller when my daughter was around seven months old. We chose a Maclaren Volo, the lightest stroller offered at the time. I took it everywhere: the zoo, the mall, the subway, the bus, the playground, the park. You get the idea. I’m also not the tidiest or organized person in the world, so oftentimes I could stash wrappers, toys, uneaten toddler snacks et al. in the folded hood. Iced coffee was spilled many times in there.

Add that to the normal messy activities of a baby, and we’ve got one mess of a stroller. Oh, and then add a cat that refuses to sleep anywhere else but the stroller, and you’ve got an even worse (hairy) situation. The result? A stained, dirty mess. I ended up buying a new stroller, but one thing could have saved me that money that I just plunked down: a stroller liner.

Stroller linerMaclaren offers a universal, reversible liner in loads of colors and patterns. Although they’re made by Maclaren, they’ll fit almost any other umbrella stroller–and most regular strollers, too. (Bonus: Change up the look of your stroller for $25.) They’re machine washable and preserve the stroller seat, so you can avoid my mistakes. Minus the ice coffee issue. I bought a cup holder this time around.

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