Guidecraft for the Best Book and Toy Storage

There are the kinds of toys that can be tossed in a bin, stacked in a corner. Stuffed animals, Magnadoodles, puppets: It’s these types of things that are a little more flexible in storage a clean-up department. Then there are the books, games, and puzzles that need shelving or bookcases. That’s why we love Guidecraft.

Guidecraft bookshelfThe kids’ furniture company offers all sorts of products, but we particularly like the brand’s toy and book storage options. They offer a wide range of colors and themes (including lots of boy-friendly sports themes), as well as neutrals that would work in any room in the house.

Guidecraft bookshelfThe choices are sturdy and well-built–and equally imaginative and creative. The book cases that look like doll houses are just as ideal as the well-designed, smart front-book display cases. They can take the overwhelming plethora of toys and somehow turn them all into a neat, organized collection of playthings. Just for your kids to pull off the shelves all over again. But, hey, that what they’re there for, right?

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