Toddler Bike Seats Mean Fun for Everyone

I’ve recently become obsessed with getting a bike and taking my 2-year-old all over town. It seems like such freedom compared to a stroller or the confines of public transportation, and I am absolutely confident that she would have a blast wheeling around the city. First, I found a nice little three-speed cruiser. Next up: a seat for my girl. In doing the research, I came across two excellent toddler bike seat options.

iBert Safe-T-Seat Child Carrier

The Ibert Seat ($95) will keep the kiddie in full view (no turning around every five seconds or yelling back to ask, “Having fun?”). A padded seat and fixed shoulder straps will keep him comfortable and secure. And what a great view he’ll have!

Co Pilot Taxi Child Carrier

The CoPilot Seat ($135) is a great backseat option. It includes a three-point harness, padded overhead restraint bar and foot straps. The quick-release seat is installed on a rear-wheel base (included)–so can be removed easily (like, 30 seconds) for traveling solo.

However you choose to get around this summer, we wish you happy travels!

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