The Quinny Buzz Stroller Goes Fashionable with New “Greystone”

Quinny Buzz Stroller has dialed it up with new Greystone and Raccoon models. Wondering what the heck we’re talking about? Why, the new color options for the Quinny Buzz 3 stroller. The European company has been known for a selective color palette (we had the Quinny in “Juice,” a punchy orange and red combo), and they’ve recently introduced Greystone–a lovely purplish gray–and Raccoon, a deep chocolatey-taupe.

These are the kinds of colors we’d paint our walls: chic, mature, very sophisticated. And aside from being lovely to look at, the Buzz is also a fabulous stroller. It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame that offers a compact fold, all wheel suspension for a smooth ride (woohoo!), and a cool, automatic unfolding mechanism. Plus, it comes with a switchable forward/rear-facing seat and a larger replacement seat cushion included to accommodate your growing kiddo. Love!

Category: Kids and Baby

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