Adorable Infant Outfits Now 60% Off!

I’m a little apprehensive to divulge one of my favorite online shopping sites for kids’ clothing. I have scored loads of good deals, and the selection is fantastic. But, because I want you share in the shopping glory, I’ll share: I know. I’m not even sure where the physical stores are located (maybe the Midwest?), or how I stumbled upon the site, but they offer lots of good, sturdy, play-hard brands like Carter’s and Oshkosh–which are both oddly difficult to find in New York City. And as usual Boscovs is having a sweet sale.

Newborn Boy Air Control 3 Piece DiaperCan you believe that both of the multi-piece outfits are now $7.99? They’re 50 to 60% off. Excellent deal.

Newborn Girl Baby Togs Floral Bib/Hat/ Diaper SetI say scoop up a bunch in newborn and 3-6 month sizes and keep them on hand for future baby shower gifts. Who can resist those little bloomers? I bought a pregnant friend a similar outfit for her shower, and she chose it as her daughter’s homecoming outfit from the hospital.

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