Clip-on Bug Repellent from Off!

Here’s something awful about my neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York: It’s a mosquito trap in the summer. They are everywhere. You’d think an urban area wouldn’t have to worry, but I get mosquito-repellent crazy as soon as it gets warm. I’m constantly checking the screens and leaving hall lights on to keep them out (or away from us if they do somehow get in). I was even as the point of applying natural bug repellent on my toddler daughter. Then, the bug-repellent gods smiled upon me. They brought me the Off! Clip-On Mosquito Repellant.

Off! Clip On Mosquito Repellant

The small device expels an odorless chemical via a small fan to keep those bogs away. And it works. The deluxe kit comes with the device, batteries, and four refills for $25. Each refill should last 12 continuous hours or up to two weeks of intermittent use. It’s not that pricey to begin with, but considering you could drop it in the middle of the patio table and several people could benefit from it, it’s totally worth the money.

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