A Summer Essential: The Lightweight Hoodie

All hail the boys hoodie! It’s an ideal extra layer when headed to school or camp on a crisp morning or when night falls. It’s packable, and if you choose correctly, coordinates with most everything in their wardrobe. Boden tops our list for quality options. We know they’ll stand up to the abuse an elementary school kid (or worse: a middle schooler!) can put on their clothes, all the while looking fabulously lived in (which might be the reason the kids love them, too). Well constructed and super soft, here are our top hoodie picks from Boden:

Lightweight Hoody

The Boden Lightweight Hoodie, $36, comes in a neutral, goes-with-everything brown and white stripe. He’ll reach for it long before you have to give him “the look” and force him to put it on.

Loose Fit Hoody

The Boden Loose Fit Hoodie, $48, is lived-in perfection. A little broken in and with a well-loved appearance, this will be her go-to piece this summer (and fall and winter and spring…). If pink’s not her thing, it also come sin navy stripe, green stripe, and solid blue.

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