Keep Playtime Lively With Baby Einstein

We love the bright colors and imaginative characters on every piece of Baby Einstein equipment. From the Discovery and Play Activity Center (an infant essential) to books and teething toys, this brand has gotten infant toys right.

From the age of five months until she was over one year old, my daughter loved her Einstein activity center. there are a few options, with varying price points, but we went for the standard/basic model and we definitely got our money’s worth. She bounced, spun, and wiggled in it every day. In fact, at 2 years old, she still tried to climb into them when she sees them at friends’ houses or at our neighborhood playspace.

We also dressed up our infant car seat and stroller with various teething toys. (We had a handful and swapped them every few weeks to keep things interesting.) She loved the textures and cheery smiling faces. The crinkly animal ears and squeaky wings were just as entertaining as the nubby feet were delicious.

Bonus: they’re durable enough to hang on to for baby #2. Should that ever happen.

Category: Kids and Baby

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