Gap Infant Girls’ Rompers Are Too Cute

You can’t deny it: a baby in a romper is cute. When the rompers themselves are adorable, and then you pair them with a chubby little girl, it will melt you. Little rolls spilling out from a bubble of fabric? Absolutely irresistible. This summer, Baby Gap rompers are absolutely beyond adorable. The fabrics are light and airy, the shapes are easy, and the patterns and colors are a sweet-stylish combo. Here, a few of our favorites.

Gap Floral Smocked One-PieceFloral smocked one-piece, $27

Sunburst Printed Romper, $25

Gap Metallic Striped Bubble RomperMetallic Striped Bubble Romper, $23

And let me tell you: When your little one had long outgrown these summer pieces and you find them packed away after a year or two, it’ll make you want another. I recently visited my father’s house, which has become the repository for all outgrown clothing. And every time I visit, I go through it. I love remembering. But when I get to that summer wardrobe, I want another one asap–not another romper, another child. That’s just how powerful The Romper can be!

Category: Kids and Baby

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